Essential Dog Bowl Buying Tips

A dog bowl is necessary for giving food or water to your dog. Available in various forms, and designs, dog bowls must be selected after careful consideration, but finding the right dog bowl is easier than you may have thought.

Whether you have brought a new puppy home, or have a dog for many years, dog bowls are necessary to give food or water to your pooch. Just like with any other dog item, you should stop to consider a few important factors before you buy dog bowls for your precious pet.

Dog Bowls – Why Do I Need One?
Dog bowls are really convenient and offer your dog the means to get nourished and quench his thirst. Imagine, if you dog didn’t get water to drink when he was thirsty, he’d probably get very sick due to dehydration. But now all you need to do is fill the dog bowl with fresh water, every morning and evening, and let you precious pooch quench his thirst whenever he wants! Dog bowls are also a necessity because they ensure that your dog is trained to eat, drink, and urinate outside the house. Dog urine could be problem is the pet is not house trained properly.

Since there are dog bowls for all dog breeds, the bowl size is a crucial consideration depending on the needs and requirements of your dog. Most pet owners opt for dog bowls that have a water bowl on one side and food bowl on the other. But don’t limit your choices, because there are some really exciting choices for dog bowls in the market! From stainless steel to plastic to glass, dog bowls need to easy to clean, rough and tough, and should defeat bacteria from growing.

Small dogs require small dog bowls, while larger dogs require larger dog bowls because they require more food and water.

Dog Bowls – Here’s What You Need To Look For
1. Easy to clean
2. Spill proof
3. Durable
4. Easy to maintain
5. Dishwasher safe
6. Perfectly sized for your breed
7. Safe to use

Dog Bowls – Best Tip Ever!
One of the best types of dog bowls is those that are made of stainless steel and have a rubber bottom with tapered sides. While these bowls are heavy, the rubber bottom ensures that your dog is unable to push his bowl and spill its contents on the floor. The tapered sides have been designed to prevent tipping. And best of all, stainless steel used to makes these dog bowls is not just durable, but easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and can’t be chewed, broken or tampered with. Remember to buy a dog bowl that is large enough to contain at least enough water to last a day depending on the size of your canine friend.

Dog Bowls – Top Shopping Tips 
If your dog doesn’t drink enough water, dog urine may become a problem. An attractive, yet functional dog bowl will not just invite the dog to consume water, but also offer him comfort while drinking water. Here’s what you need to look for:

* Durable and indestructible dog bowls that can’t be broken, chewed, or thrashed around. Must avoid – light weight plastic, glass, and pottery dog bowls.
* Consider buying bowl holders that prevent the dog bowls from sliding, overturning, or skidding on the ground or floor.

Tip: A dog drinks about 25 ml of water per pound/day or less than an ounce/pound. A 15 pound dog would require a dog bowl that can hold around 15 ounces of water.

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