Family Owned and Operated from the Heart of the USA.

Located in Dunbar Nebraska, the agricultural heart of the country. We are committed to the family values of Nebraska agriculture, its farmer community and wanting to do things right for our customers. Our approach is to be transparent and ethical in what we do and how we make pet foods consumers can truly trust.

It’s that simple.

For over 30 years, Doc’s Choice has been committed to providing your pets the very best in nutrition not only from an ingredient perspective, but also from a processing perspective. You see, most dog and cat foods made today are made using the high pressure and multiple high-heat processing technology called the “Extrusion” process. It exposes all ingredients to very high temperatures, which degrades important nutrients intended for your dog.

Doc’s Choice is different. A USA licensed Small Animal Veterinarian, developed Doc’s Choice over 30 years ago using the gentle “pelleting” process. The veterinarian had witnessed first-hand the downward trend of the overall health of dogs he saw in his practice, and he knew it was because of the diets these dogs were being exposed to, and the degradation of the nutrients in the diets. That’s why Doc’s Choice was developed!