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Pat, LaVista, NE
“For the past 7 years, I’ve been feeding my show German Sheppard’s Doc’s Choice. A few times I tried to switch and the dog’s coats went to pieces. I’m back feeding Doc’s Choice and even won “Best of Breed”! I’m sticking with Doc’s Choice and my dogs look great!”

Tracy, owner of Indian Creek Kennels, Indianola, IA
“I LOVE Doc’s Choice Dog food! My Yorkies and other small breeds do so well on this premium dog food. Over the years I’ve tried many other dog foods, but I never want to try another dog food again! All my pups come out so healthy and strong. My dogs have never been so healthy – and you can’t beat the price!”

Rhonda, North Platte, NE
“I’ve been driving 4 hours one-way to come to Omaha to buy Doc’s Choice Dog food for the past 6 years! Our dogs thrive on Doc’s Choice and just LOVE the taste! I’m convinced that Doc’s Choice is the best dog food for a healthy dog! Doc’s Choice is the best kept secret in Dog Food and it’s made right here in Nebraska!”

Ron, Omaha, NE
“I’ve been feeding my two labs Iams since they were puppies. I gave them a sample of Doc’s Choice and now they won’t touch the Iams. I am a true believer in Doc’s Choice! My labs look great and they can’t wait to get fed!”

John, Council Bluffs, IA
“For many years, I fed my hunting dogs either Iams or Science Diet. I heard about Doc’s Choice and decided to test it. Now my dogs eat Doc’s Choice exclusively and I’m saving a lot of money each month on my dog food bill. And, my buddies have all switched their dogs over to Doc’s Choice also!”

Steve, Omaha, NE
“I got a sample of Doc’s Choice dog food and wasn’t sure if my picky dog would eat it. On the way home, I saw my neighbor walking his dog and so I rolled down the window to talk to him. I couldn’t believe that my neighbor’s dog was trying to get in the truck to eat the dog food sample. When I got home, my wife said that there is no way that our dog would eat Doc’s Choice. I decided to try it anyway and mix it with our expensive name brand dog food. I couldn’t believe it. My dog picked out the Doc’s Choice and ate it all up and left his normal food. Now we’re hooked on Doc’s Choice!”

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