Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Doc’s Choice™ so nutritious?
Doc’s Choiceuses only high-quality wholesome ingredients and no fillers.  Each recipe provides your pet with a complete and balanced food that tastes great!

Who is Doc?
Doc’s Choice was founded by Dr. Gene Graney more than 30 years ago.  Dr. Graney, prior to founding Doc’s Choice, was a practicing Small Animal Veterinarian for 20 plus years, and witnessed firsthand the need for better nutritional pet food.

Why is it important that the first ingredient be a “meat meal” and not a “non-cooked” meat?
The answer is simple.  A meat meal such as Chicken Meal or Lamb Meal contains 400% more meat protein than regular chicken or lamb because they are made up of mostly water – 80%, and of the remaining 20% meat only 50% of it is protein.

What is the best way to switch my dog over to Doc’s Choice™ from another pet food?
There are separate ways to convert your dog over to Doc’s Choice, but the one we recommend is the “ten-day transition process”.  On the first day, mix 10% of your Doc’s Choice™ with 90% of your old dog food; on the second day, mix 20% of your Doc’s Choice™ with 80% of your old dog food, and for each of the following days, add 10% more of the Doc’s Choice™ and 10% less of your old dog food until you get to 100% Doc’s Choice™.   If you have an overly sensitive dog or cat, simply extend the transition period out a few more days.

How long does dry dog food stay good after the package is opened?
Doc’s Choice is best used within 3 months after opening, and it is best to always store it in a cool and dry place.

The color or shape of the pellets in my bag is different than my last bag.  Why is that?
All Doc’s Choice™ recipes are made with the ingredients listed on the ingredient panel, and they are made in small batches.  The variation in color and size is typically due to the individual cooking process of each batch.

Why is the Doc’s Choice “Power Pellet” process so much better than the traditional “Kibbling” process?
The Doc’s Choice “Power Pellet” process protects the nutrients better than the “Kibbling” process because it exposes the ingredients to fewer heat processes, and the temperatures used in the “Power Pellet” process are lower than the temperatures used in the “Kibbling” process; thus, the heat sensitive vitamins, proteins, amino acids, and enzymes are preserved better.

Does Doc’s Choice™ add any artificial ingredients to any of its recipes?
The answer is “NO”.  Doc’s Choice does not add any artificial preservatives or colors to any of its recipes.

Does Doc’s Choice™ meet the nutritional requirements established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)?
Yes, Doc’s Choice meets and exceeds the recommended nutritional requirements for the various life cycles of your pet.

How do I know which Doc’s Choice recipe is best for my dog?
There are a lot of considerations to make when deciding which kind of dog food to feed your dog such as age, weight, sensitivities, etc.  In general, if your dog is older than 12 months of age and has no known grain allergies, we suggest feeding our Original Adult product because it offers the highest antioxidant levels of all our recipes.

Where can I buy Doc’s Choice?
Please visit our Retail Locations page. If your store does not currently carry Doc’s Choice, ask them to order it in for you or to contact Choice Pet Foods by calling (402) 933-6093.